All new Roku 2 Xs : A Smaller Streaming Player

The all-new Roku 2 Xs is much smaller and comes with a fancy Wii style remote control. Angry Birds is also included in the console. All this costs just under $100. But, if you are not too crazy about gaming and can care less about the fancy remote, then not to worry, you can get the Xd or the Hd version that costs $80 and $60 respectively. These lower versions of the Roku player are pretty much the same as the Xs version except for the Bluetooth remote. Anyway, Roku must be arguably the most robust little media-streaming box for less than $100. That is a great deal at any standard. And the Bluetooth remote separates it from the other media-streaming boxes out there in the market.

As most of you are already aware, Roku streams media onto your big screen TV. Some of the content can be streamed for free but they might not be the latest movies or TV shows. To watch the recent content you will have to buy paid subscriptions of channels like Netflix and HuluPlus. The good news is that these subscriptions are cheap compared to cables. They were less than $10 the last I checked. To watch these channels, for most of them it is pretty much clicked and view. For some, like Netflix, it will require you to go visit their own site on a web browser and sync the box with your account with a multi-digit on-screen code.

The process of creating so-called private channels and syncing the box to your account can be time-consuming and tedious but not difficult or challenging. So a tablet or a laptop can be handy while doing this. Obviously, using a remote to fill out all the information can be much more time consuming and simply irritating than using, lets say, a laptop or a tablet. And if you don’t like the remote control that comes in the box then you can always use a universal remote.

Just like the previous models of Roku, there is a switch off button in this player. It just simply goes to sleep after it hasn’t been used for a while. According to Roku, it doesn’t use a lot of electricity. Apparently it consumes less than 2 watts while streaming videos. In other words, it shouldn’t affect your next electricity bill.

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