Dr Seuss’s The Lorax – Funny Kids Movie – Review

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax film is great because its story line has a lot to offer, and it was not that boring because the story moved on a fast pace. In the Thneedville community, you cannot find the real nature, no trees and grasses, nor flowers- so anything that you can see are all fake and made of plastic.

The young kid, Audrey (which is voice by the singer Taylor swift) is Ted’s crush (voice of Zac Efron from High School Musical), and he discovered that Audrey’s biggest dream is to real the real trees and the real beauty of nature. He wanted to make her happy, so he decided to set out and find them for Audrey. Encouraged by his grandma (the voice of Betty White), the young man left Thneedville and went to search for the man Once-ler (who was voiced by Ed Helms). When he found him, the man told him a tale about The Lorax (voiced by Danny DeVito).

The graphic animations and the characters were arranged and developed enough that they supported and gave justice to the story book. The movie did not showed violence (well, except for the cutting of the trees if this is considered to be one), and had a lot of positive messages and educational values that kids and even adults should learn.

Although Ted’s real intention at first was just to make his crush happy, but when learned about The Lorax, it gave him the idea of people’s environmental responsibilities. He learned that they should stand up for what is right and not to believe on what their government has taught. By the end, he served as a good role model because of his good deeds, not only for his community but also for the people who have watched the movie.

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