Movie Cost Lack of Exercise

The fact that people all over the world are addicted to movies and television is one reason the world is more and more obese today than it was twenty or thirty years ago. The truth is that most people are choosing to watch movies instead of get out and exercise.

One great reason to choose not to watch movies is because watching movies gives you a good reason to skip exercise. If the movie lovers of the world chose to work out every time they wanted to watch a movie, instead of sitting in a seat for two hours with their only movement being their hand to their mouth for popcorn, they would all be buff and in shape.

However, most people chose to forgo exercise and fill their lives with useless entertainment. If you want to lose ten pounds in a month, you can easily do that by choosing to take a walk instead of watching television. You can also choose to walk while you watch television. Bring a treadmill into your home and get on it during prime time television shows. That way you can do both and still be fit. However, if you can, you should certainly choose not to take in those movies you might long for.

Watching movies instead of getting the proper amount of exercise is just a bad idea. It is something that you should never do. If it is too tempting and impossible to do both, then forget about the movies and hit the gym. After all, your body is much more important than any movie you want to see.

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