NeoTV Prime With Google TV : Watch TV & Movie for Real

Streaming boxes have made life more fun. They enable people to watch great shows with ease. One of the most striving companies that offer this product is Netgear. This year, Netgear has once again levelled up the competition by releasing the NeoTV Prime with Google TV. Its main specification is the addition of Google TV which makes the product more attractive and useful.

What’s so good about Google TV? It allows people to access the Google Play store – an online site that has and still producing a lot of apps, videos and music in the market. It enables people to save much money on purchasing and watching videos via streaming sites. Another great thing about it is that it comes with a Chrome browser – fast and effective.

NeoTV Prime Will Let Your Watch TV for Real

Have you ever tried cutting the cable in your house? It’s not difficult to do but it is troublesome because you need to set-up your TV every time. This new product from Netgear removes this complication. It allows people to set up the device with ease because of the extra port provided. It also comes with the Slingplayer app. This app is useful if you want to watch live TV without any interruption.

NeoTV Prime Will Let You Have Control over Things

The remote control is not the typical one you see in the market. It has a touchpad which makes the process more fun, easy and interactive. You can set up the box with the touchpad. It is like you have a mouse that you can control easily. Of course, the traditional buttons will never go away. If you like the traditional way of doing things, you still can. The buttons are designed well so you can browse and navigate with ease. There are also shortcuts for your favourite streaming sites such as Amazon and Netflix. If you want to go away with the trouble of navigating, you can just search what you are looking for by typing with the QWERTY keyboard. However, the remote does not have a backlight. If you are in a dim and dark place, it might be rendered useless unless you find a source of light.

NeoTV Prime with Google TV – The Pros

One of the best things about this device is the DLNA support. It is faster therefore you can watch your favourite movies and shows without having slow loading times. In addition, it makes use of a Chrome browser, one of the fastest browsers you can ever use in this present time. If you have movies saved in your flash driver, you can watch them using this device. You can use it like a computer as it has hubs for keyboard and mouse. Lastly, you will definitely enjoy it if you are an Android user because the interface is based on Android.

NeoTV Prime with Google TV – The Cons

In every product, there are pros and cons. The not-so-good thing about this device is that it does not come with a complete package. If you are looking for HDMI and Ethernet cables, you will probably not see them in the box. You need to purchase them separately. There’s also no detailed instruction manual therefore you need to explore the device yourself. It’s cool that the remote control comes with a touchpad however you will need to familiarize yourself with it first before you can use it with ease.

NeoTV Prime with Google TV – The Verdict

It is a great device with great features but low price. It is worth trying if you love watching shows on streaming sites and downloading different types of apps.


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