Roku 3 – Your Friendly and Responsive Device For Streaming Movies

The Good

It is a very responsive device. It supports a lot of streaming channels which include Netflix, Amazon Cloud Player and Hulu. Its remote control has been upgraded and designed to help you enjoy whatever you are watching on your own. The remote control has headphone jacks that are great for quiet entertainment.

The Limitations

It supports hundreds of channels however it still does not support YouTube. If you are looking into streaming YouTube videos of you or other people, you will surely get a difficult time because there is no official report that the service has been supported.


One of the good things about Roku 3 is its design. It is smaller but still looks good and compact. It is more stylish because of its glossy finish. It is rounded on its edges which make it appear more sophisticated. Although small in size, the device is a lot heavier than the other models. This is better not only in making sure that the quality is good but also in avoiding the device from falling from surfaces too quickly. In addition, there is a rubber underside which will keep the device from slipping.


The remote is innovative. It comes with a headphone jack which will enable the private listening mode. You can enjoy what you are doing and what you are listening without disturbing other people. Once the headphones are plugged, your TV will be silent and all the sound will come out from the headphones. The remote also has wireless capability which is also known as the Wi-Fi Direct. This works more efficiently than Bluetooth or Infrared because you can use the remote even if you are not in the same room with the box. You can use it even if you are inside your room. The appearance of the remote is still simple therefore it is still very simple to use. If you do not want to use the remote or if you want to control the box and TV without using the remote control, you can download the app and install it in your smartphone. If you are an Android user, you can go to Google Play. If you are an iPhone user, you can go to the Apple market.


Basically, you can watch anything you want using the Roku 3 because it is by far the best streaming box with the widest range of channels. However, it is a fact that it still does not support YouTube. In addition, because it is not an Apple product, it is obvious that you will not be able to access iTunes with it. For movies, you can visit channels such as Netflix, HBO Go and Disney. For sports videos, you can visit channels such as UFCTV and MLB.TV. For music streaming, you can try Spotify, Vevo and Pandora. If you like browsing the internet, you can visit sites such as CNET and TED Talks. You can even visit your SNS accounts such as Twitter and Flickr.


The interface of Roku 3 has greatly improved compared with the earlier models. Navigation has become simpler and faster. You can search whatever you want to find out on the side by typing the title of the video, the director, the actor’s name and other information. It is easy to understand the interface because it is and has always been straightforward.

Overall Verdict

Roku 3 is a lot speedier and efficient than the previous models released by the company. It has greatly improved in terms of interface and performance. It supports USB storage devices and headphones. It is surely a great device to consider.

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