Streaming Movies From Your Chrome Browser to Your TV With Google Chromecast

By using Chromecast, you can readily enjoy all your favorite movies and TV shows from YouTube, Netflix, Google Play and Chrome in your TV in high definition. Due to the updates made on Chromecast, it can work with several apps while at the same time allowing you to use the latest version.

Aside from allowing you to stream from Netflix, Google Play and YouTube, you can even use your Chrome browser to stream the videos that you want to watch. If you want to cast from your Chrome browser, it is important to install the Google Cast Extension on your browser first.

If you want to cast videos from your Chrome browser, make sure that you are using the latest Chrome version. If you do not have Chrome yet, simply download it first. If Chrome is the browser you are using in your computer, it will update automatically, thus you do not have to take any action. In case you already set up your Chromecast utilizing the setup application in your computer, the Cast extension might be installed already and this can be determined by a Cast icon present in your Chrome toolbar.  If you are going to cast a Chrome tab to your Chromecast in order to watch a video on your TV, make sure that both your computer and network are capable of supporting the minimum system requirements.

Once you are ready to use Chromecast with your Chrome browser, you can easily start casting a tab. There are certain considerations to bear in mind. Initially, make sure that you are on the Chrome tab that you want to project to your TV. You have to click on the Cast button that is found in your Chrome toolbar of your browser. You will be presented with a list of available Chromecast devices and choose any device to cast the present Chrome tab. In just a short while, the current Chrome tab will appear on your TV.

The Cast icon tends to change color which indicates that it is currently active. In case your Chromecast is being used where it is playing a YouTube video, you will know what your Chromecast is doing once you open the menu. If you want to end the current activity, simply click on the “Cast this Tab” button. In doing so, you will not accidentally choose the wrong device and disrupt the viewing of another family member.

The majority of web content can be readily cast but websites that utilize plug-ins such as QuickTime, Silverlight, and VLC are not supported, thus resulting in lack of sound or picture. When you are casting via your Chrome browser, both the images and videos for the tab being cast are presented on your computer and TV. Nevertheless, the sound from the chosen tab can only play on your TV. The sounds from other tabs and applications will continue to play on your computer though. You have the option to switch to other tabs or applications while you are casting. This is even possible in full-screen mode utilizing the Alt-Tab shortcut.

It is a known fact that Chromecast works well when streaming YouTube and Netflix videos directly online with either your tablet or phone as the remote control. If you are going to use the Google Cast Chrome extension to mirror the browser tabs, it might not be similar in quality. All of this depends on the strength of your Wi-Fi network and the capability of your computer. You can easily solve this resource issue by lowering the video quality of the stream. You can choose the standard quality (480p) but it will not appear sharp in your TV but can provide a decent viewing quality. Lastly, when using your Chrome browser to watch videos in your TV, you should keep the videos running in full screen all the time or it will not appear in full screen on your TV. As mentioned earlier, simply press Alt-Tab shortcut while the video is playing in full screen. In doing so, you are now outside of the video window.

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